What Does Social Distancing Mean To You?

The year 2020 has brought a whole new dynamic system to us. Rather than the usual hustling and bustling of our fast-paced world, we are now confronted with a dull, slow-paced and virtual world. With the mandatory self-isolation and lockdown in the United States, there has been different reactions from various people.

In fact there has been various Instagram life coaches posting videos telling people how to live their lives in this lockdown period. What is wrong with that? You may ask.

Well, these coaches forget that as our faces are different so is our circumstances and problems. Some people are enjoying this lockdown, they see it as an opportunity to bond with family, take a much needed rest, explore new skills, kick start their online business and other self improvement skills which is beautiful but on the other hand, some people are in agony for various reasons which could be family issues, poverty, loneliness, depression e.t.c. For some leaving the house daily was a source of escape from family issues, for kids with abusive parents school was a safe haven and school food served as the only source of food for some kids and now all that is gone. What do you think Social distancing would mean for these ones?

The point is, there is no particular template for you to live in this conditions. Trying to emulate lifestyles on social media can only results in depression or frustrations.

I do not know what social distancing/ self-isolation mean to you but the principle here is that no matter what situations you are experiencing, choose to be happy. No matter how little, do something for YOU daily that makes you feel accomplished and happy. Try to develop a hobby or try something you’ve always had at the back of your mind. Rather than await the end of this lockdown desperately, try to enjoy this quiet-paced world in your own way.

This is to wishing all of you happiness no matter your circumstances during this pandemic. Remember! no matter what you experience from a third party, no one should have power over your emotions. Only you have power over how you choose to feel.

It’s ur gal Vdina.

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