Effects Of The Covid-19 Pandemic On Our Daily Life

Almost every news media in the country has been discussing about the economic impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic which includes the unemployment rate, fall in stocks, scarcity of essential products and so on. True this impact has been devastating but it also seems that one crucial aspect that has been affected by the pandemic which has been forgotten or bypassed is our ‘daily life’.

There is a beautiful park I frequent that’s popular among locals and tourists for it’s scenery, facilities and size. During this time of the year, parents bring their toddlers and kids to the water park section of the park and their joyful shouts can be heard from a mile away. This park has also served as venues for graduation parties, family picnics, romantic dates, photo shoots and movie filming location. However, as I walk through the park today, I realize that this once booming park is now a shadow of it’s former self. I can’t help but miss the joy, laughter and happiness that usually radiates from here. This Covid-19 pandemic has stripped various families and individuals of this joy.

One of my many hobbies is dining in various restaurants, trying different menus, comparing prices and eating with my friends. Thanks to Covid-19 Pandemic, some resturants have shut down and large chain restaurants only allow takeouts and drive through. As I drive downtown, I can’t help but reminisce on all the good times we ( my friends and I) shared in those resturants. Back then those joys seemed mundane but thinking about it now, those were the very spices that flavoured our lives and I’m glad we had those times together.

Nail salons , hair salons and sneaker shops are places that magically make many happy. These stores serve various purposes to different people and they are usually the busiest stores downtown. However, due to the pandemic, these shops have closed down taking away the joy they provide to people.

Although all this could not be helped and we can only help each other by staying apart I can’t help but appreciate all the good times I got to spend with my loved ones and regret all the times I picked up an excuse to avoid an outing with friends. I’m sure most of us feel the same way too.

In this unprecedented pandemic humans have come to value and appreciate the true meaning of friendship, the value of physical interactions not just social media. We have come to love and see the little joys we derive from our daily life, we are now opening ourselves to new possibilities and adventures rather than excluding ourselves with the usual title of introverts.

2020 has taught us a great lesson and changed our mindset hopefully positively. As soon as it’s safe to, let’s meet up with friends and families. Dump the excuses people!

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I love writing and photography. I really hope my articles help people too.

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